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Real You. Real Success.

Embodied Integration as daily practice understanding how the body moves in a life, how trauma or generational trauma impacts how we engage with others, with curiosity about where we have been, where we currently are, and where we want to be through dream processes, alchemical themes, and then own personal authority to redesign for the life we were born to live and wish to experience.

Getting REAL utilizes these steps to expand self-awareness into SUCCESS:

HISTORY: With an MA in counseling psychology and over 20 years as a psychotherapist, history is central to knowing the Self. We unpack the past to understand how all experiences, other people, and family lineage affects what you believe today. Yes, many therapists and coaches claim to do this, but Danielle’s clients all share how different this process is with her. We construct new ways of catching habits, naming them, and staying focused on where we want to be, not just where we’ve been.

EMBODIED: With a PhD in depth psychology and somatics, you have a coach that will notice subtle cues and physical habits that are unconscious ways of being over your life and, possibly, generations. We’ll focus on how you think, how that makes you feel, and how this impacts your style of communication because of those felt sensations. Embodied communication is central to being real and honest in all relationships—personal and professional.

GOALS: As a coach for over 30 years, we want to stay focused on the future. Where do you want to be? What do you keep wanting to do differently but not only repeat old habits, but just can’t seem to find your path to success? How do you want to feel about yourSelf and how do you want others to relate to you? 

INTENTION & INTEGRITY: Danielle is not only a coach for over 30 years, but an accountability and mastermind partner to uncover the past, create practices for the present, and find success for the future. 

COLLABORATION: As a coach, Danielle collaborates with as your personal team member, supporting you to find your path from your innate wisdom to reorganize your structure and scaffolding for you wish to be. The deeply felt connection through alliances and collaboration is central to Danielle in her interpersonal relationships, as her focus with the teams she works with and advises, developed as a theme of building one another up to support a community that becomes stronger as a whole.

Dr. Danielle Wise:

“To be honest, this is to create an ongoing, lifelong daily practice, not a hurry up one-and-done process. The fable of the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ is a personal favorite since childhood and a favorite as a coach. I keep my own team of coaches, mentors, and utilize therapy as a tenacious practice for life. I can’t judge or hold hard deadlines for expecting how swift for focused any individual will be. As we unpack information, we’ll find concepts and ideas that may not have occurred to you before and may need to go slow and steady. It becomes your personalized program as I follow your story and intercept missed details. Curiosity is essential to this process and my ongoing commitment to find the missing keys to open gates to inner wisdom and truth makes a difference every day in my life and in the lives of people who get curious with me.”